questions to ask your dj before you hire (cont)

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10. What responsibility do you take for directing the flow of my reception's agenda?
-It is my complete responsibility and duty to monitor the flow of the evening and continue to make sure everything is being run smoothly and coming off with out a hitch.

11. How many other DJs do you work with and will you be the MC for the event?
-I am the only entertainer. I am much more then just a DJ. I am Wedding Entertainer/Master of Ceremonies, who helps coordinate the event to help make sure everything runs smoothly and to help motivate the crowd to have a fun time.

12. Is the bride and groom able to meet the DJ before booking?
-Yes absolutely! I meet with all my clients. I am the owner and full time entertainer. I think it is very important to meet and get to know the people I will be performing for.

13. What is your usual attire?
-If it is a formal event, I wear a tuxedo, I dress up for the occasion.

14. Do you bring your own equipment?
-I own two complete music systems and yes I bring all my own equipment.

15. What is your minimum amount of time you will DJ for?
-It could range from two hours to eight hours depending on the event and the time that I am needed for.

16. How much time do you usually need to set up?
-About one hour for setup.

17. Do you require that the site and/or couple provide a table for you to setup on?
-Normally I request either a 6 or 8 foot skirted table. I also own my own tables.

18. Do you have replacement DJs in case you become unavailable on the wedding day?
-I have many DJ friends that I could call on of high quality if something would happen that I could not make the event. I might also mention that I have not missed a wedding event in all my 17 years in business.

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